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The Money Answers Show Welcomes Guest Debbie Allen

Highly Paid

Tune in on The Money Answers Show for Jordan Goodman’s new episode “How to Become a Highly Paid Expert in Your Industry” with Guest Debbie Allen Monday July 21st 12 PM PT on VoiceAmerica Business Network.

It is becoming more and more difficult to stand out from your competitors when buyers are more often swayed by price instead of quality. One way to stand out from your competition is by becoming the recognized expert in your industry, which allows you to charge clients higher fees, opens doors to bigger opportunities and allow you to create multiple streams of income for sharing your expertise. In this interview, Debbie Allen, known as the Expert of Experts, explains how to establish that level of expertise in your field so you can enjoy success and prosperity.

Debbie Allen

Debbie Allen

Debbie Allen, The Expert of Experts, has been a business and marketing strategist for the past 20 years. She is a best-selling author and award-winning entrepreneur. Her expertise has been featured in numerous motivational movies, including The Opus and The Compass, and regularly featured in Entrepreneur magazine. Debbie has built and sold numerous million-dollar companies. She mentors clients from around the world on how to become highly paid experts. Debbie is based in Phoenix, Arizona. To learn more about her expertise go to www.debbieallen.com

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